JadeEuropa products are used in medical practices, spas, beauty salons, gyms and wellness areas.

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Our Objectives...

We live by the philosophy that our clients are like family, treating everyone with respect, compassion and care. We are active in the massage community, which helps to promote the growth of therapeutic massage, and to do business in an ethical and responsible manner.

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  • Philosophy

    Excellence in our products and services has always been at the core of our philosophy as a company.

  • Research

    JadeEuropa remains committed to the development of improvements to our products, with the best technical training.

  • Wellness

    From the beginning, it was clear to us that our products have the potential to affect people's lives in a profound and lasting way.

  • Warranty

    Every JadeEuropa product is meticulously designed for superior performance, reliability and efficiency.

The massage bed

that awakens the energy of your body


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IN JadeEuropa

IN JadeEuropa

Based on Meridian and Collateral Science and Holistic Medicine Therapy, adopting the outstanding technology o […]

11R JadeEuropa

11R JadeEuropa

JadeEuropa FULL BODY AUTOMATIC THERMAL MASSAGE BED 11R is premium jade stone massage bed which contains miner […]

9R JadeEuropa

9R JadeEuropa

The Self-Massage Bed with 9 Jade Stones, is the health device, which combines traditional Chinese medical theo […]

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